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Up Down Air

Up Down Air Portable Air Compressor 12099917

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Up Down Air: Portable Air Compressor. 12099917. Product Description: Up Down Air is built on a third-generation automotive aftermarket industry family legacy that began in the 1950's. If you’ve ever had the experience of airing up and down your tires yourself, you’ve realized that it’s not a fun nor simple task, no matter where you are and what you’re using. That’s why Up Down Air Systems Inc. LLC was formed, because airing your tires and maintaining a proper tire pressure was absolutely a pain and there hasn’t been a solution like this, ever. Our products are designed to make it fun, easy and a lot less painful for everybody, that is what Up Down Air Systems is all about! Features & Benefits: Built In Thermal Cut Off Switch Make Sure Your System Doesn’t Overheat And Protects Your Investment This Work Horse Features A 1/3 Horsepower Motor Makes This One Of The Largest Motors In The Portable Class Designed For Durability Easy To Install No Supplier Warranty Attributes: Condition: New Type: Portable Maximum Pressure Rating (PSI): 150 Pounds Per Square Inch Air Flow Rating: 5.6 Cubic Feet Per Minute Power Source: 13.8 Volt Amperage: 45 Amp