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Toyota Cargo Liner - C-HR PK24110H01

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Cargo liner Made from an anti-skid and non-absorbent compound, the liner prevents your cargo from sliding around while driving, avoiding spills or any precious items from rolling or piling up against the tailgate and falling out when you open it. Precisely measured for a perfect form fit in your vehicle, raised edges provide a barrier keeping any messes in cargo liner and off of other surfaces. The tough construction also makes it ideal if you’re traveling animals keeping dirty paws off the carpet and resist punctures from claws. The lightweight and non-absorbent surface combine for a super easy and quick removal and cleaning process that can be done in minutes. For the C-HR it not only protects the trunk floor but also attaches to the back of the rear seats. Its innovative split design features a unique “living hinge” so regardless of your seat configuration your new cargo space is also protected. Compatible with 2018-2022 Toyota C-HR. PK24110H01