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Michelin Michelin Defender 2 A/S Tires - 205/55R16 C0MNA-07259

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Michelin Defender 2 Tires for the Toyota 2009-2023 Corolla, 2019-2023 Corolla Hatchback and 2009-2014 Matrix. 205/55R16. C0MNA-07259. Set of 4 Tires. Michelin Defender 2: Engineered to Outlast: The MICHELIN® Defender®2 tire outlasted three leading competitive tires by more than 40,000 km on a treadwear test, delivering 2 extra years of treadlife. Confidence in Wet or Dry: When tested for wet and dry on-vehicle braking, the MICHELIN® Defender®2 tire demonstrated stopping distances better than or comparable to three leading competitive tires. A Quiet and Comfortable Ride: The MICHELIN® Defender®2 tire is designed for smooth, even wear, so the last mile is as comfortably quiet as the first mile.