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Ironman 4x4

Ironman 4x4 Power Bank IPOWER0023

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Ironman 4x4 Power Bank. IPOWER0023.

Product Description:
We all appreciate the benefits of a dual battery system in our 4WDs, however, there is something to be said for truly portable power. This 51 Ampere Hour Power Station brings all the benefits of lithium power, being lightweight and hugely efficient that you can take just about anywhere. Having a portable power station featuring a 500 Watt continuous pure sine wave AC inverter, MPPT Solar Regulator, 110 Volt outlets, DC and up to 60 Watt USB outlets provides a power solution like never before.

Features & Benefits:
Short Term Home Power Outage Solution
Power Your ‘camp Office’: Take Work From Home, To Work From Anywhere
Energize The Campsite With Lighting And Music
Run Your TV And Watch The Big Game Camp-Side
Real Fridge Portability; From The SUV, To The Boat To The Picnic Grounds
Lithium Batteries Are Lighter, Last Longer, Charge Quicker And Are More Eco-Friendly
Simply Plug Your Solar Panel Or Blanket Directly Into The Power Station 30A Anderson Plug And Utilize The Inbuilt MPPT Regulator To Charge The Battery
LCD Display Not Only Provides You Information On The Remaining Capacity Of Your Battery But Also Provides Real Time Watt Input And Output Figures
Inverter Will Provide 500 Watt Continuous Power Supply Output With A Surge Peak Of 1000 Watt
Limited 3 Year Warranty

Used For: Camera/ Cell Phones/ Laptop/ Mini Fridge
Capacity: 51.17 Ah
Input Voltage: 11-26 Volt
Output Voltage: 110 Volt
Power Supply: Solar Power
Charging Time: 8.5 Hour
Connection Type: Two 5 Volt USB-A/ 5 -12 Volt USB-A/ 5 -20 Volt USB-C/ Two 12 Volt DC/One 12 Volt Cigarette Lighter
Length (IN): 12.7 Inch
Width (IN): 7.9 Inch
Height (IN): 8.9 Inch
Color: Black/ Green
With Built-In Flashlight: No
With Cable Adapter: Yes