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Element in Fire Extinguishers TOY12280

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Elements Fire ExtinguisherPortable handheld fire extinguisher, fights all major fire classes - A, B, C & K. Offers 50 seconds of fire fighting protection, E50's extremely small and lightweight construction allow for storage almost anywhere. Internationally tested and certified.

Features: 50 Second Discharge: More than 4x longer than a 5 lb fire extinguisher bottle

Compact & Easy to Use: 30 cm (10.75") tall, 3.2 cm (1.2") diameter, 230 grams (0.5 lbs) weight. Portable & fits almost everywhere.

Makes No Mess / Leaves No Residue & Eco-Friendly: No mess, non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly.

Zero Pressure Discharge: Will not spread oil & liquid fires.

Safe & Maintenance-Free: No moving parts or compressed gas to ever service

Weatherproof and Unaffected by: extreme temperature, humidity, or vibration. Safe to store in wet environments.

No decoration included.