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Toyota Hood Deflector - C-HR PK175F4J00

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Hood Deflector Genuine Toyota hood deflectors are specifically designed for your vehicle to offer the best fit and maximize protection of both your hood and windshield. The deflectors acts as both a physical barrier protecting the hood line of your vehicles from rocks, bugs and other road debris preventing chips and scratching of the paint, while also creating a small air current that can channel smaller debris over your vehicle instead of into your windshield, offering 2 layers of protection. They are made from thick high grade acrylic making it highly resistant to impact from even larger rocks, and are tinted in a smoked black offering a UV resistant finish which resists fading that can even create a good looking colour contrast to your vehicle, so it will both look good and function well for years to come. Compatible with 2018-2022C Toyota C-HR. PK175F4J00